The company ERAI Turkey is proud to celebrate its 12 years of consulting activities this year with a team of 9 people as well as 22 people working for partner companies, hosted in the premises of ERAI Turkey. Indeed, the company was created in 2006 as a subsidiary of ERAI France in Turkey, in Istanbul. Since then, more than 200 companies have trusted the ERAI Turkey team to guide them into the Turkish market, more than 30 people have been hired and nearly 25 companies have been hosted under the roof of the company.

The core of the company’s activity is consulting and business development support service on the Turkish market with market research, feasibility studies, financial studies or potentiality studies, ERAI Turkey is proud to present you today its most beautiful case studies, the most successful development stories in Turkey supported by the company so far.

It should be noted that each company requesting ERAI Turkey’s consultation has a problem specific to its project and its expectations. The role of ERAI Turkey is first and foremost to understand the stakes of the project to define a procedure to follow and to propose the best implementation option to its client. Thanks to its network of experts and professionals in many sectors as well as its expertise of more than 12 years, supported by many Turkish and French official institutions, ERAI Turkey is today the French/English-speaking leader of the consulting in Turkey.

Here are 3 case studies of companies with very different issues and the evolution of their implementation with the support of the consulting service of ERAI Turkey team yet all our references can be seen here as well.


Example 1: CEGID, a leading French company in the computer software industry


CEGID is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions for retail and industry. In 2012, during its first steps in the Turkish market, CEGID contacted ERAI Turkey to conduct a feasibility study of its project and define a market entry strategy. ERAI Turkey has prepared a comprehensive report consisting of recent information on the relevant sector, general information on retail and industry, market intelligence, competitor’s analysis, distribution networks, price analysis as well as the testimonials of actors and users of the market.


After finalizing the report, an implementation strategy was put in place and the search for value-added resellers (VAR) in retail and production was started. A total of 4 partners matching the criteria were found and presented to CEGID who interviewed each.

Thanks to its retail value-added resellers (VAR), CEGID has obtained very large projects including very large retail chains as well as the billing system of the largest cosmetics company present in Turkey.

Through its value-added resellers (VAR) in production, CEGID has become the official solution provider for OSTM (Defense and Aviation Cluster) member companies operating in the defense sector. Product localization has been successfully completed.


Example 2: NTN SNR, a pioneer in the automotive sector settled permanently in Turkey


This Japanese-French company, one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world, has been consulting ERAI Turkey for almost 8 years. The company wanted to develop expansion strategies in the Turkish industrial market with the long-term objective of knowing the industrial sectors in Turkey and the best solution that would increase local sales and finalize a sustainable implementation.


A large feasibility study explaining the promising sectors, the potential and how to succeed in Turkey has been drafted. Recruitment, hosting and management of the sales team to better manage distributors and key accounts in Turkey. Implementation has been finalized, the local team has been successfully set up, three highly qualified sales managers and a marketing manager on this team have been recruited by ERAI Turkey since 2012.


Example 3: PERNAT, a company that imposed itself in the heart of Turkish industry


PERNAT Industrie is a supplier of machining of high precision metal parts of any machinable material. A leading French automotive supplier! PERNAT Industrie contacted ERAI Turkey in 2006 to ask for advice on the strategy to adopt for its project to set up in Turkey. The strategy adopted would be that of creating a liaison office and subsequently a joint venture or the acquisition of a local company. As a result of these projects, ERAI Turkey supported the greenfield creation project and was present throughout the process of creating the local company PERNAT TURKIYE, both for wage-carrying and accounting, or looking for a production site and its activation.


The company has made an investment of more than 2 million euros in the Organized Industrial Zone of Eskisehir. Every year, the company sees its turnover and its number of employees increase and provides local quality service to third-party automotive suppliers as well as in various other sectors (defense, etc.).

We have dozens of other projects that we have successfully completed so far. We are confident in our expertise and guarantee success through tailor-made solutions always adapted to the specific circumstances. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our consulting service.


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