How Does Communication Management Consultancy Affect the Reputation of Companies?

ERAI aims to facilitate the daily activities of companies wishing to invest or locate in Turkey by presenting the potential and dynamics of the market in the most understandable way, and to enable them to work with high efficiency, enabling these companies to quickly stabilize their position in the market. It also promises to open a safe and comfortable space to develop its business. Simay Kocaoğlan Soylu, ERAI Turkey Country Director, and K. Gönenç Atakan, Communication Activist, shared the latest information on investment and management consultancy with Fortune.

Could you briefly tell us about yourself and our expertise?

Simay Kocaoğlan Soylu: After graduating from Galatasaray University, Department of International Relations, I started my career as a consultant at the Turkish representative office of a French bank. In the meantime, I completed my master’s degree in political science at the same university. I continued this role, which was based on the development of trade and economic relations between the two countries, as a project manager in another consultancy firm with French partners. Afterward, I was the country manager of the economic development agency of Lyon and the surrounding region of France in Turkey. When this agency was closed down in 2015 due to political reasons in France, I bought the company’s Turkey operation and continued my work under the umbrella of ERAI Turkey. In this adventure, which I started alone while establishing the agency’s Turkey office in 2010, today, with a multicultural team of more than 30 people, we both provide strategic consultancy for foreign companies’ projects in Turkey and provide management support to facilitate their daily activities.

Could you tell us about your activities here as ERAI Turkey? Which sectors do you provide services to?

I can summarize ERAI’s main field of activity as providing consultancy services to foreign companies to enable them to carry out all kinds of commercial activities with or without establishing a company in our country. In this direction, we offer strategic consultancy (market research, partner research, sourcing, strategic management, corporate communication, etc.) and business management (financial and accounting consultancy, company management, human resources, payroll, recruitment, company establishment, import-export, sales management, and back-office-administrative department). The services we provide make it easier for the companies we work with to focus on business development activities in Turkey and to move forward more focused and faster without wasting time. We offer holistic and sustainable consultancy services mainly in industrial sectors such as automobile, defense, civil aviation, energy, chemistry, plastic packaging, construction, and the food industry, but also in agriculture, animal husbandry, and similar fields.

In which other country or countries do you provide services? Are there any other countries you are targeting?

We are currently serving many foreign companies from different countries from Brazil to Australia, mainly France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Belgium, Italy, the USA, and Canada. In the future, we have plans to develop business in the Middle East market. Communication Management Consultancy

Why is investment and management consultancy important in Turkey? What are the issues that companies coming for investment should pay attention to?

It is an indisputable fact that Turkey’s geopolitical position makes our country a very important part of world trade. This advantage of being located at the intersection of three continents, when we consider our qualified labor force potential, makes our country an important place where companies from Europe and America invest strategically. Of course, our sociocultural and economic similarities with Europe, the vitality of our domestic market, and our proximity to the Middle East, Russia, Turkic Republics, and African markets also play an important role in Turkey’s attractiveness to Western companies. At this point, it is very important for foreign companies wishing to invest in Turkey to work with multicultural, multilingual consultancy companies that know the country well and are familiar with the way Western companies do business. As ERAI, we aim to facilitate their daily activities and ensure that they work with high efficiency by presenting the potential and dynamics of the market in the most understandable way to companies wishing to invest or take part in Turkey. This professional approach not only enables them to quickly stabilize their position in the market but also provides them with a safe and comfortable space to develop their business.

In terms of trade relations, how do you evaluate Turkey’s foreign trade relations?

Despite all the crises experienced in recent years, I can say that Turkey’s foreign trade relations are very good. We are able to offer new openings to Western companies with our cultural proximity to the countries we look at, our flexibility in the way we do business, and our practical intelligence. This is a great advantage both for them and for us. For this reason, I believe that cooperation in the field of foreign trade will develop and increase in the coming period, and Turkey, as a bridge between the West and the East, will find the place it deserves between two different worlds.

As a woman manager and entrepreneur, what are your recommendations for women and young women?

Frankly speaking, I think that we women have a very strong resistance to problems due to our nature. We have the ability to do multiple jobs at the same time, and the ability to combine analytical thinking and intuition. Therefore, my advice to young women is to be aware of these abilities and never hesitate to try… Trying is the most beautiful expression of showing willpower from a static stance to a dynamic stance and is constructive in nature; it leads to progress. Whatever the outcome, the atoms have now shifted. So nothing will be the same as before. To set off is to embark on a new adventure. Sometimes we labor, sometimes we walk, sometimes we run, but the main thing is to be aware that there is a road we are on. As long as we dare to move forward and realize our dreams. They should also have hobbies and spend time on things that make them happy. For example, I do sailing and hiking. They should consider these not only as hobbies but also as side factors that contribute to their individual and spiritual balance. All of them have a share in development and success and they cannot be denied.


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