Turkey Promotes Female Labor Force

By 9th January 2020 January 15th, 2020 News about Turkey

In most countries of the world, men are more likely to belong to the labor market than women. Nevertheless, these gender differences in participation rates have narrowed considerably in recent decades. When we take a look at Turkey, we see that in the last two years, a total of TL 8 billion in loans at favorable rates have been granted to women entrepreneurs.

Through the state-owned banks, the Turkish authorities have granted more than 8 billion TL in loans to women entrepreneurs in the last two years. Around 80.000 women managers of small and medium-sized enterprises have been provided with interest-free loans for amounts below 50.000 TL and at low rates for amounts up to 300.000 TL.

For several years, the Turkish authorities have been pursuing a policy aimed at increasing the number of women in the labor market. Between 2005 and 2017, the labor force participation rate of the female population aged 15-64 increased by 12 points to 37.6%. The Government intends to continue this trend and has set itself the goal of reaching 41% by 2023.

Along with Turkish government support, many countries are encouraging women to take place in the labor force. Here is a map that shows the ratio of female to male labor force participation rates in 2017. Since then the rates have been increasing in many countries around the world.

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