If you are registered with the ERAI Turkey Newsletter, you are already aware that ERAI Turkey team is expanding and moving to new premises which are more spacious, more prestigious and more welcoming than ever. Indeed, since 2006, ERAI Turkey has not ceased to provoke the Turkish economy by continuing to develop and promoting good commercial relations between foreign and Turkish companies. This move also represents the real commercial interest of foreign companies towards Turkey and the demands for information and settlement in Turkey still very present.

In the beginning of September 2017, the ERAI Turkey agency will be located on a full floor of the luxurious Plaza Business Istanbul in Göztepe (along the E5 highway, on the Asian side of Istanbul) and will welcome you in a much more professional and intimate office atmosphere. This move will, of course, be accompanied by new offers of office rental in the Asian part of Istanbul, within our beautiful space.

Are you looking for a professional and friendly office in Istanbul? All in a pleasant international environment, ERAI Turkey offers you new options adapted to your needs. To see our listings for office rentals in Istanbul, click here!


→ ERAI Turkey is the reference consulting agency for companies wishing to set up business in Turkey. Thanks to its team of experts, ERAI Turkey guides all types of implementation projects (salary wage, recruitment, search for partners etc. see all our services by clicking here)!

→ More than 200 companies from all walks of life have already trusted ERAI Turkey to accompany them on the Turkish market. Why not you? See our references.

If you have any questions about the new ERAI Turkey offices, the move of our offices or a project concerning Turkey that you would like to share with our expert team, do not hesitate to contact us by writing or calling us!

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