To find out more about ERAI Turkey, the development agency based in Istanbul, you will find a description of the services offered by the ideal business partner of foreign companies on the Turkish market on the picture above.

This non-exhaustive list of services offered by ERAI Turkey is divided into 3 phases:

The discovery phase

The discovery phase of the Turkish market corresponds to companies that have no knowledge of the Turkish market but wish to test the potential market for their company. During this phase, ERAI Turkey offers services such as:

  • The complete market analysis
  • The feasibility study of your project
  • Contact with key market players in Turkey
  • Organizing and accompanying exploratory trips or commercial tours in Turkey

The implementation phase

During the implementation phase in Turkey, companies are facing challenges to which ERAI Turkey brings fast and efficient solutions. Thanks to a team of bilingual experts, ERAI Turkey offers services such as:

  • The search for Turkish partners (distributor or agent)
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Quality control on the field
  • The domiciliation of companies on our address
  • Research of potential clients in Turkey

Development phase

Companies already established in Turkey would have very different but equally complex needs that ERAI Turkey could take care of like:

  • The recruitment of a local employee or VIE (via Business France)
  • The installation of employees in the offices / Rental of a professional office in Istanbul or else
  • Management of the administrative, financial or legal tasks of the company in Turkey
  • The creation of a Turkish subsidiary
  • The acquisition of Turkish companies

The agency ERAI Turkey is also available to answer all your requests in relation to Turkey such as the translation of brochures, complex texts, calls for tender, etc., assistance in the appointment, drafting of contracts in Turkish, Networking (accountants, lawyers, professionals in your sector in Turkey) …

Do not hesitate to contact your favorite business partner to share your projects and find the best solutions to your problems concerning the Turkish market with ERAI Turkey!

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